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Thank You!


I’ve been home for a week. Most amazing summer…ever! God has opened so many doors and changed many lives…

Including mine…again!

I have no words to explain the depth or level to which relationships are growing with the families, churches, and community around the base – including the teams from Canada that have served with us. So many “God moments” and it is often awkward to talk about because we have no words or way to relate back home in Canada. What a blessing to serve a God that is moving amongst the churches, changing lives, and building nations! So much so, that we can’t even explain it in a sentence or a paragraph!

…very blessed to be awkward for Jesus!

Thank-you to all the staff and teams we’ve had the privilege to serve with this summer! You are missed and may the Lord continue to bring blessing and favor to your efforts!!


Look forward to seeing you all at the November 02nd Celebration night! Continue to keep connected on the OLOC Facebook page for more information.

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