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Today, I was driving down California’s Interstate 5 when a very ordinary family car passed me. I was in the slow lane and on my left was a small 4 door hatchback with a towel across the passenger seat, shielding a young child in a car seat. Nothing unusual…but in the drivers seat was a young mother with her left hand, palm up & she was singing. Griping the steering wheel with her right hand, her head was bent down and it was obvious to me she was deep in prayer & praise.

…that is the kind of relationship with Jesus that fills me with fire! For more!!

This summer I followed so many threads that led to emptiness, but more and more…mas y mas…I have seen redemption and hope! The Mexican single mother may not have a car, a home, or even a towel, but they have the same common relationship with Jesus. With hands lifted high…there is hope!

With your “hands and feet” Jesus provided homes for almost a dozen families & reached a community in need of food. On November 2nd at Chilliwack Alliance ChurchOne Life will be profiling the families and hope many teams brought to Mexico.


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