Serve Overseas

OPTION 1: Guatemala – Shawn & Natalie Sagert

Shawn and Natalie Sagert, along with their three children, moved to the rural highlands of western Guatemala in 2007 as missionaries with Commission To Every Nation to serve the needs of the indigenous communities surrounding them. They now make their home in Santa Cruz, Alta Verapaz, one of the poorest regions of the country, which lies very close to the intersection of 3 of the 21 distinct Mayan people groups of Guatemala – the Pokomchi, Achi, and Kekchi.

The Sagerts are serving local churches and community leaders with appropriate tools and training as they reach out to their own people. Poverty alleviation and community development efforts have taken the form of health promotion, construction work, clean water supply, Bible education, and Christian evangelism. The Sagerts believe the hope of new life in Jesus Christ and the restoration of his Kingdom across the globe. They continue to serve as His agents of reconciliation among some of the poorest of the poor in Guatemala.



OPTION 2: Haiti – Mountain Top Ministries

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 75 to 80% of the country’s population is severely malnourished and the other 20 to 25% are struggling to get by. The infant mortality rate is 40% before the age of five. The earthquakes have made this even more difficult.

Fortunately, Mountain Top Ministries is doing everything in their power to decrease that number. By providing adequate infrastructure, through education and shelter they are changing one community at a time to make change. In the villages that they have made a presence, crime is minimal and many are educated to bring about a new generation that understands the way to change. It is here, in Haiti, that you will have the opportunity to love, embrace and offer a helping hand to many. Please consider