Serve in Mexico

One Life One Chance:

San Quintin, Baja, Mexico

“OLOCM Baja” is located on the bay of San Quintin at Los Olivos Park. Missionary groups, from around the globe, meet basic spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Working through the local church, most teams minister to the surrounding villages and towns south of Lazaro Cardenas. Migrant workers, orphans, and the less fortunate are a part of each day. By supplying basic supplements, many of the children are given support through basic nutrition and hygienic care. In addition, we try to embrace families that have a single working parent, by providing shelter and a “hand up.” Often a team will build a home for a family that is lacking sufficient shelter or contribute to a pressing community need. Teams do clothe the naked, feed the poor, and visit those who cannot fend for themselves, but our duties may include scrubbing the floor of a bathroom or digging a ditch. These tiny things, done in the name of Christ, free up others to share God’s word and feed the hungry. With many pastors in this region working through the day to spread the Gospel at night, they need our support and prayer. No one ever comes back the same.