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It’s been an amazing summer and there are so many I want to thank…but this was truly a God summer and I want to give Him all the praise for that! The Lord provided so many opportunities and occasions to see His work…I could fill a thousand blogs. Over the next few weeks I will try to share all that happened. But, tonight is for rest and for a little time to process…

So much God input…

Brenda and I arrived home just after 4 today, with no incidents! PTL!! Past years have left our truck and trailer stranded at times…this year nothing. I believe a very strong prayer at the Pastors ministerial had much to do with that and I will share later; because since that time the “covering” has taken a new look for the challenges faced this summer.

The ministerial on August 6th brought all of us to our knees and much prophecy was spoken about revival! Very few times have I been broken to this point and understood so much about obedience. It was a moment that took people from several countries and languages and placed us in the presence of God as He gave direction and a plan. I come home with new fire and direction that was affirming and clear.



So many gave so much this summer, to help so many, and I know it is rippling though countless lives. Tonight, a single mom has a home she never thought imaginable to house her children, a child was given hope, and a family restored…all because you said “Yes Lord.” Nothing can measure the change in so many lives and I was witness to a small part of that. Bigger picture stuff; you provided an avenue to connect Pastors and churches as they seek revival. It all came together on August 6th.

…This summer 1st Samuel 16:7 was what the Lord placed on my heart. No one may have seen what you did in silence, but the Lord has used you and misses nothing. He has looked at your heart and placed this burden on you as you have listened. He did not see what the world looked at, but saw your heart and was pleased.

Thank-you to all who have contributed so much! The churches surrounding San Quintin, the Pastors, the teams from abroad, my staff, and all the faithful prayer warriors. I was blessed to work with so many amazing people this summer. May the Lord reveal all it was in this life and the next!

As a good friend prayed this summer: “May our Lord’s angels and arch-angels bring protection to you and your families.”

Dios te Bendiga,


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